Vastly different latency to, Same country


I live in Saudi Arabia and we have two main ISP companies, one called “STC” and the other is “Mobily”.

I have a fiber line from “Mobily”, and the latency to is ~23ms which is great, and my friend has a fiber line from “STC”, and his latency to is ~120ms, and we live in the same building.

So went to investigate a bit and tried to trace route the connection to on my connection and on his, turns out on my connection I arrive to right after my ISP with only 3 hops, but with his connection it goes through 13 hops to get to the same destination.

Traceroute has started…

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1 (  1.632 ms  1.322 ms  1.238 ms
 2 (  56.692 ms  22.505 ms  27.733 ms
 3 (  27.063 ms  22.792 ms  25.331 ms

and on his connection

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1 (  16.205 ms  5.288 ms  14.158 ms
 2 (  24.352 ms  23.345 ms  54.720 ms
 3 (  19.953 ms  33.669 ms  29.766 ms
 4 (  44.924 ms  49.516 ms  29.839 ms
 5 (  105.483 ms  108.698 ms  119.995 ms
 6 (  104.859 ms  109.912 ms  129.603 ms
 7 (  105.324 ms  109.451 ms  130.173 ms

notice that my ping is not stable because I’m connecting from a point where my Wi-Fi and my friend’s Wi-Fi are reachable to do the testing.

My question is what did “Mobily” do to lower the ping and limit the hops ? Is it something they’ve done or Cloudflare parted with them or something ?, I just need a bit of explaining about the matter, and what the other ISP “STC” should do to achieve a better latency with ?

I’m asking here because I know my ISP support won’t have any idea about what I just wrote.

His ISP routes him to Germany.