Varnish plugin from unixy has messed up TCP

UPDATE: will inquire over at


We are running CentOS and Cpanel and installed’s Varnish plugin but it has completely messed up our server settings (compiling so we cannot access).

Anyone else have issues using unixy? Their tech support has been NON responsive.

Thanks in Advance, Patrick

Hi Patrick, I am afraid that would not be a Cloudflare issue and is better discussed at e.g.

Thanks. Will close this out and ask there.

Thanks, will close out and ask there.

No worries, and sorry for the blunt reply, but the forum really is intended for Cloudflare related issues only. And even those most of the time turn out to be rather about the server itself.

In case you come across something where you think Cloudflare is involved, please feel free to just open another thread of course.

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