"varnish at the edge" worker

I’m looking to speed up our site (even more). Making everything static is possible but we got stuck with wrangler and I think there’s probably a better way. Maybe it can even be done with a simpler Cloudflare feature, or something else, I’m not sure.

I kinda want a “varnish at the edge”. So instead of making a static version of our site, and trying to figure out to serve that nicely I’d just like to have workers (or something else) that can serve users content if it’s available “at the edge”, and if it’s not it goes to fetch it from our own server. If the content is available at the edge it will immediately serve what it has. If the content is older than e.g. 1h or 24h it will go check at our servers to see if there’s a newer version and possibly update cache.

Is this possible?

(If I’m not clear enough I can update the question.)

You can try the Cache Everything setting, but be careful about anything that needs dynamic content.

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Thanks! Playing with this now.

We had kinda missed this because it’s not showing in the Caching “tab”.

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Have you looked into Workers Sites?