Varnish always MISS


My host is DreamPress and it has Varnish, i want to use Cloudflare but there is an annoying errror on while using cloudflare…
Varnish always MISS on the first attempt on the browser. I call a page from another device and browser, then test in another browser with Developer mode - or GTMETRIX or other sites, i see X - Varnish - MISS?
I’ve read the and DreamPress support applied it but it didn’t help…
Varnish Check pages gives following errors:

(Test Page : )

Cache Service Varnish caching service is running but is unable to cache your site.
Remote IP You’re using a custom Varnish IP that doesn’t appear to match your server IP address. If you’re using multiple caching servers or IPv6, this is fine. Please make sure you’ve properly configured it according to your webhost’s specifications.
CloudFlare CloudFlare has been detected. Make sure you configure WordPress properly by adding your Varnish IP and to flush the CloudFlare cache if you see inconsistencies.
Age Headers Your site is returning proper “Age” headers.
Cookies Found Cookies have been detected. Unless your caching service is configured properly for the specific cookies, it may not cache properly. Please contact your webhost or administrator with information about the cookies found.
Plugin Check No installed plugins were found on the known conflicts list.
Theme Check No installed themes were found on the known conflicts list.

DreamPress support told me that they tested the pages and they have HITs on server side, so I need to connect with Cloudflare.

Any ideas and help :frowning:

Thank you in advance.

My first visit to that quarantine link was a Varnish Miss. But the second and third were a Hit.

That page isn’t cached by Cloudflare, so it’s proxying whatever your server is delivering. There’s nothing you can set at Cloudflare to change your server’s behavior.

All the information you provided explains that you need to change the configuration at your end to fix this.

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