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Hello community, I have searched the old topics and I cannot find the resolution to this problem, they all refer to a server problem. I set up Cloudflare DNS at my domain registrar then associated ezoic with Cloudflare and now it says “Variant Also Negotiates”. The web was working correctly before, my hosting is Hostinger (I clarify in case the data is of any use). I would appreciate some help. Cheers

I am sorry to hear this, but I am afraid any change you make at DNS therefore you’d have to do it through the eZoic interface.

Unfortunately, there are also topics here where people try to setup eZoic and have issues with it. While using :search:, I’ve found this:

Similar topic here:

I haven’t experienced this error since 2013 as I am using WordPress.
Therefore, have you looked up into eZoic Help & Support Center?:

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