Vanity Domains (DNS + WORKERS) or SSL?

This question has been asked several times, but im not sure if the answers are still valid as a lot of them say you can only offer custom vanity subdomains if you are on the Enterprise plan, however i do belive now SaaS SSL offering is for all plans now starting at 2.00 per domain per month.

However, on discord many have mentioned that for subdomain you can acheive the same with DNS + Worker.

So if we want our to forward to our cf pages website which is located at how would we do this without redirection? Redirection is easy, the url would change…What we are looking for is for the custom url to stay the same, hence i think a worker will proxy and solve this. – What are the options and if this works fine, then what would the benefit be for the SaaS offering by cloudflare.

2.00 per domain to manage all this with the api isn’t too much. But how? I have read the docs and it says we need a fall back domain, but what is a fall back domain? And where do i enter my clients subdomain name? The docs are lacking for this. Any help would be appreciated.


wonder if anybody working {reacted} can help with this.

You may want to ask those that mentioned it on discord, I don’t think they noticed your post here.

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