Validation failed: Email is invalid

When I attempt to invite someone to the cloudflare community, I get an error saying “Validation failed: Email is invalid.” But what’s weird is this person I’m trying to invite, I can send messages to them directly via my mail service but can’t send the invite. Why is this? A screenshot of the error is below

Screenshot 2021-03-30 10.44.57 AM

Any help would be appreciated, THX!

Is that screen shot from the cloudflare dashboard? You may want to disable any ad blockers or browser extensions and try again. Let us know if it works/how it’s going.

No, cloudflare community

Hello for the second time, I tried to send an invite using an email address with the cloudflare community and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!? “Validation failed: Email is invalid” AGAIN. THIS IS A DIFFERENT email address WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS CLOUDFLARE COMMUNITY INVITE THING!?

I tested with valid emails, invalid emails, and emails where accounts already exist and could not replicate the issue. Perhaps disable any plugins or ad blockers, try incognito mode, or try from a different browser and see if the results change. Perhaps even try an invalid email to see if you get a different error message.