Validate my workers use case

Hello! i want to use cloudflare workers and i am not sure if it is the right solution for my use case.

I am developing a mobile app and i want at to show a message every time the user does an action in my app. This message depends on the country and it changes a lot, on a daily basis. I will change it’s content by updating the code.

My response will look like
“Message”: “This message is updated daily, i need it to change immediately upon code change”,
“time”: 1602325859004,
“contry”: “cf-ipcountry”

So, my app has a large user base and will make nearly 50k requests to this end point daily.
My questions are:

  • Will the response update immediately after i update the code? or is it cached in some way?
  • The url for the worker is going to be hard coded in the app and it takes time to update the app, are the workers reliable enough to handle this and not need a plan b?

It’s updated in a few seconds, normally (unless some major problem is there) it’s <30s worldwide.

You can use whatever URL you want, either under you domain or the [worker].[slug] one.

I wouldn’t personally change the code, use KV or something so that you can update it via API leaving the code intact and reducing the time to update.