Validaciones de catcha al abrir paginas

Good afternoon, I hope you can help me, I have the following problem, when entering many pages I am getting a catcha validation to see if I am human, there are times when when validating it the page loads me normal but other times it does not load me completely or I load wrong; My client management provider mikrowisp tells me that I must validate my ip and the services I provide with you, since I am an isp and currently my clients and my lan go out through the same public ip.

Cabe destacar que nosotros no somos clientes de esta comunidad, pero me indican que es con ustedes con quienes debo validar mi problema.

Could you tell me if the solution to my problem is with you or has nothing to do with it.


See if your IP address is in this:

this is the error that I get on many pages

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