Valid Subpoena Request


I received an email from Cloudflare LegalResponse Team regarding a case which my website is believed to be utilized by and/or associated with an unknown individual suspected of being involved with the attempted compromise of Department of Defense (DoD) computer systems, in violation of one or more criminal statutes and/or punitive Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as specified in Appendix A.

This was my first time to encounter this specific case which I am not aware of and I am experience in such particular case in which I my Wordpress website got unfamiliar website or “malwares” on it.

The website that I was running before was suspended by my Hosting Provider in which I was given the instruction to remove the malware, but I have no idea how to do it or could tell which in particular from my directory is a malware. So I reset my Hosting account and have my whole entire Host cleaned and re-work the template.

This is a photo of their latest email. I am not from the United States. And I am worried that this might affect me completely.

Hi @jason.vimcreek,

this is really not the place for that discussion. Contact a lawyer, immediately I would suggest.


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