Valid SSL cert issued by known CA treated as "self-signed"

I have a valid SSL certificate issued from an established CA but for some reason if I have Full (Strict) enabled, I get a 526 Invalid Certificate error from Cloudflare. If I switch to Full, however, it works, which could indicate that Cloudflare is treating the certificate as self-signed. I have multiple other sites with certificates issued from the same CA that work just fine with Full (Strict). What am I missing here?

Full (Strict) enforces more than just the certificate being signed, it also needs to have valid/matching common names, so if your web server serves the certificate for when the request is for then you’ll get a 526 error.

I thought that might be the case, but it’s a Let’s Encrypt issued wildcard certificate for all subdomains of my hosting provider and and both say everything is kosher with the cert and chain at the URL I’m CNAMEing.

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