Valid SPF record missing

Hi All,

Recenty set up a new GSuite account and changed all settings in cloudflare accordingly. Only thing i’m struggling with is validating the SPF. Official checkers indicate the SPF is not validated.

I’m using the following input: “v=spf1 ~all”

For our settings, please see screenshots attached. Advice on how to get my SPF validated?

Hi @justin.ere,

It’s a little confusing, however you want to use the TXT record type, not the SPF as that has been deprecated.

Hi Domjh,

We tried that (has been setup like that for at least a week). Please see the screenshot attached. The problem still persists.

You most likely want the name to be @ or your domain name, not spf.

We tried every possible combination we could think of, waited for the adjustment period to recognize the SPF, but to no avail. We tried “@”, we tried “domain name”, we tried “spf”, we tried a whole bunch of different combinations. It’s an issue we’ve been struggling with for a couple of weeks now.

The correct one is type as TXT, the name as @ or your domain name, and the content as specified by Google.

Can you set it to that and if it still doesn’t work as expected, please share the domain name so we can check.

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