Valid Robots File, Can't Crawl Pages

I just deployed my site with the following robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

After deployment, I attempted to test my SEO settings for deployment and site on Google PageSpeed Insights, The applicable error is as follows:

Title: “Page is blocked from indexing”
Description: Search engines are unable to include your pages in search results if they don’t have permission to crawl them.
Blocking directive source:

I refer to Cloudflare’s Support Page on troubleshooting crawl errors: Troubleshooting crawl errors · Cloudflare Support docs. Cloudflare states that they allow search engine crawlers and bots. I am on the free tier with default anti-bot settings.

Whose problem does it lie with? Cloudflare, PageSpeed, or my robots.txt file? Thanks!

Your robots.txt has disallowed access to your whole site.

Use Allow: /


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