V4 Api - Update Domain privacy return not allowed

I want to update my domain privacy referer to v4 Api Update Domain (Cloudflare API v4 Documentation) , but it return “You are not allowed to perform this action.”
When I change the update field to auto_renew , it return sucess
How can I updatethe domain privacy field?

It might be restricted to support changing this - assuming you’re currently using the Super Administrator account already.

I’d recommend opening a ticket so they can take a look at it & change it if need be.

I created a ticket and they told me that this feature is not supported now, this is their reply:

Anyway thank you very much for your guidance.

What? their email response is confusing and misleading. The Cloudflare representative said “WHOIS privacy protection is not a feature we provide at the moment” but it is, domains* purchased from Cloudflare Registrar are all with WHOIS privacy protection by default and no option to turn it off.

Besides the fact WHOIS privacy protection is indeed offered by Cloudflare, it’s not a relevant response to your support email. Your support query is about the V4 API not allowing the WHOIS privacy protection setting to be changed, despite there being an API for it and no notes or constraints mentioned in the API documentation.