UX on Cloudflare Custom Purge...two ways to improve

It would be great if you could redesign Custom Purge UX to do the following:

  1. Don’t make me click to get a pop-up screen for Custom Purge. When I’m in site cleanup mode, I need to purge many individual files, with a lot of back and forth between various browser tabs, one of which is Cloudflare. When I alt-tab over to the caching page, I have to hit Custom Purge to get the pop-up that allows me to do a Custom Purge. That would be fine if I did this once a month. But when I’m doing a lot of individual purges, I’d love it if I could pin custom purge open and avoid the extra click from the Caching page.

  2. On the pop-up screen for Custom Purge, don’t make me scroll down to get to the Purge button. When I’m in site cleanup mode, I need to purge many individual files, so I when I alt-tab over to Custom Purge (after doing the unnecessary click to get to it; see #1 above) and paste in URL(s) to purge, I then have to (annoyingly) scroll down to get to the actual Purge button. I’ve solved for this by zooming Chrome to 50%, which makes all the text microscopic but does get the entry box and the purge button on my screen. Why not just put the Cancel | Purge buttons right below the entry screen, instead of way below under Recently Purged.

The issue may sound trivial, but clicks/scrolling crush productivity (and ergonomic wellness) so it would be great if these pages/screens could be redesigned with an end user’s experience in mind. If there’s a better way for me to do this, I’d love to know it. Thanks.