UX issues. Subscriptions page. Dashboard's billing widget. Home. Domain registration

  1. The dashboard widget for Active Subscriptions shows my next bill to be a past date.

  2. The Billing Subscriptions page is missing data for free plans.
    Also reference: Why does Invalid date and subscription.state appear in last billed and status columns of Subscriptions tab? (It’s been 4 days and this isn’t fixed yet?? I guess no developers wanted overtime through the weekend.)

  3. From the billing subscriptions page I edited a Pro domain, changing it to a Free domain. I got the confirmation popup. But then the domain disappeared from the list entirely. Upon reloading the page I see that domain at the top of the free list. Invalid data though.

  4. On the Domain Registration page, the Show/Hide function at the bottom doesn’t seem to do anything.

  5. Just a peeve, here. Why does the ajax widget give us more information than the list of on the page? It would be nice to know the plan of each domain w/in those very bland boring non-clickable-looking boxes.

Its just my opinion, but maybe CF is changing the UI too much too often too fast. It seems like every time I log in there is some change :slight_smile: But stuff’s broken :frowning: