Utm URL parameters do not show up in Referrers

When I’m going to the URL of www.mywebsite.com/?utm_source=MySource&utm_medium=MyMedium then MySource is never visible in the referrers section of the analytics. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Or is Referrer section only for headers?

(it worked with Google Analytics before)

First of all, UTM parameters are used only for tracking. Its best use be achieved through google analytics only. They are just user trackers.

In my opinion UTM parameters are used to disambiguate “Direct” traffic, not for tracking per se.

Cloudflare analytics is able to show some referrers. Is it from HTTP header “Referer”?

Yes, if you have set it so.

Do you suggest that there’s a way to configure it somewhere in the Dashboard or do you mean that if I simply used the http header “Referer” in my GET requests?

Your answer is on Cloudflare Docs


I see. Thank you!

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