Utilizing the Proxy function of DNS in Cloudflare

I could use some help here. I have been reviewing the forums and haven’t been able to find a clear answer.

Our environment has mail, ftp, and servers using AD/SSO. We are aiming to enable proxy for all of our public facing DNS records however we are finding that we are running into errors with the previously mentioned servers when Cloudflare proxy is enabled.

Is the proxy service compatible with these types of service or is there special configuration to get them working?

I did find a post for the mail server about making an MX record with the A record. I haven’t tried it yet, but any information would help.


No, Cloudflare only handles HTTP. Everything else has to be unproxied. There are two notable exceptions and they both relate to Spectrum

  1. Paid self-service plans do support RDP, SSH, and Minecraft for proxying as well, however that can be costly.
  2. Enterprise plans support arbitrary protocols (like SMTP and FTP in your case) but Enterprise starts at four digits a month.

In short, unless you plan to go Enterprise you could only proxy HTTP and everything else would have to be set to non-proxied on Cloudflare, as it wouldn’t work otherwise.

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