Using Zero Access as a Paywall?

I want to put a website behind Zero Access and only give access to people who paid (like a paywall).
so I’m able to protect a subdomain with Zero Access, this is not an issue
but I was wondering what is the best way to do allow people

Theory 1

I thought a some sort of call throught API by clicking on a link in a thank you page after Stripe
but my knowledge is very low about all these.

Theory 2

Again on a thank you page after Stripe but via a Service Tokens

My question is

  1. is this the right logic? is Zero Acess has been thought for this kind of usage too? am i a fool?
  2. what would be the url for the theory 1 if
    the mail is [email protected]
    I found this link but humbly not sure it’s even the right one
  3. Any suggestion ?

Zero Trust Access does support subdomains (or even partial URL matches within that subdomain).

You could in theory use it as a paywall… but it’s really not designed to do that. It doesn’t scale well for you cost-wise. Yes, 50 are free, but it would be a rather expensive paywall system beyond 50 users (say you had 200 users… is it worth paying $1,400/month [$16,800/year] for a paywall solution?).

I think you are better off making a permission-based system at the application level (your website), rather than rely on Zero Trust Access (which is more designed for employees to access parts of the site that should not be publicly accessed).