Using WP plugin- Do I still need to change my DNS?

I Installed the WordPress plugin into my site- Do I still need to change my DNS?

Most likely. Which plugin? And what’s your domain?

I am using the cloudflare plugin for WordPress. It is supposed to connect the site to cloudflare


You first need to go through the regular setup before that plugin will work…

I have gone through all the set up except changing the DNS on our hosting. My question is. Does cloudflare WP plugin take care of this for us so that we do not need to change the DNS?


The Cloudflare plugin won’t take care of DNS. You need to make sure your DNS entries here are the same as at your hosting. Then do the name server change at your domain registrar.

I was about to creating a thread asking the same question and found this, just gonna bump it here.
I hope u don’t mind with a few additional questions throwed here.

  1. Based on what you said, we need to change dns to cloudflare for the cloudflare plugin to works, does it need to change DNS only or the DNS need to be proxied ?
  2. Does there any difference with cloudflare offered by webhost with manually add it ? Some web host include in their cpanel to integrate with cloudflare. Do we need to change our dns too in this case ?
  1. The Cloudflare plugin has nothing to do with DNS. It just lets you change some settings directly from the WP Admin Dashboard. Your website DNS records needs to be set to :orange: for your site to use Cloudflare.
  2. I strongly prefer to add my sites manually. The only exception would be if the host has a special Cloudflare plan with paid features such as Railgun and/or Polish & Mirage.

My web host said it has cloudflare railgun, but no direct integration , what does it mean with direct integration ?

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