Using Workers to Purge Cloudflare Cache

Before I start, I’ll just say that I know next to nothing about coding and I have no idea how the “workers” work, which is why I’m here seeking expert guidance/tips.

I have been searching far and wide for an automatic cache purge solution but still no luck to date. Since I update my site at least once or twice per day, which is why I need to purge all my cache every time I publish a new post to ensure that my visitors are seeing the new content across my website.

Is it feasible to do that with Workers?

A simple way, but you need some programming knowledge. Create a scheduled worker that triggers an API call call.

Evicting cache globally is not a good practice, you should set your Cache TTL according to your patterns.

Maybe, Cloudflare Pages could be a good solution for your content.

I think it’d be easier with a local cron job and an API call…if your host lets you run scripts and cronjobs.