Using WordPress Muli-site, concerning the sub-domains

I have set up Cloudflare with my Siteground account. It is currently working on the main root domain such as ( I also happen to have several sub-domains on this Multi-Site network. Will my other sub-domains such as ( and ( be covered by siteground?
The thing is that subdomains for a regular site and sub-domains for Multi-site behave differently and you cannot add a subdomain from a Multi-site network in the siteground pannel for it to be covered by Cloudflare since my subdomains in Siteground are currently parked and for the Multi-Site network to work properly, I have to put a wild card.for the domain section to be able to create subdomains sites.

I meant to say will my subdomains be covered by Cloudflare. Not siteground.

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