Using "wildcard" in page rules

I am writing a page rule to edge cache all of my images which live in several sub-directories on my website. I’ve setup the page rule below and I wanted to know if the method that I setup my “wildcard” will capture all of the images in the current directory “images” and all of the images in sub-directories as well. Or do I have to be more specific and setup rules for each sub-directory as well?

URL - Artificial Plants and Trees | Artificial Trees | Silk Plants
Browser Cache TTL “A Day”
Cache Level “Cache Everything”
Edge Cache TTL “7 Days”

thanks, Doug

Hey there. I’m hoping someone will chime in here because I’m also interested in knowing definitively if the * is recursive (such as ** with bash globstar) or if it only applies to single level.

Real-world example for me is: the flat-file CMS I use for some sites (Grav) stores processed images in a hashed directory structure, such as images/2/1/e/3/9/21e393d15ca48e1095283e235871defd7a9c9775-007g.jpeg

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Thanks for confirming @cs-cf!