Using WARP on a machine that also has a cloudflared tunnel

Hi everyone. I have an RDP machine in the cloud which we connect to cloudflare via a cloudflared tunnel with a route routing the local interface. With gateway rules in-place, we can RDP to the machine using its local IP and a client that has WARP installed/connected. Brilliant. On this RDP machine though, we would also like to have the WARP client up and running to allow it to access other CF tunneled machines that require the client to meet the device posture of ‘using warp’. On the RDP machine, as soon as we enable warp, RDP to the machine fails - looks to be due to the local IP being included/routed in the split tunnel config.

Is it possible to RDP via WARP and also have the destination server use WARP?

Thanks in advance

Hello @ddicello1,

You can to use WARP on the RDP machine and still access it via RDP, but you’ll need to correctly configure Split Tunnels.

  • On the RDP machine, open the WARP client.
  • Navigate to the Settings > Advanced > Connection Options.
  • Locate the Split Tunnels section.
  • Exclude the local IP range of the RDP machine from the WARP routing.

This should allow the RDP connection to bypass WARP and prevent the local IP from being routed through WARP, while still allowing the RDP machine to use WARP to access other tunneled resources.

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ok thank you very much

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