Using warp and clodflared to perform zero trust instead of regular VPN

i set up cloudflare zero trust solution and i also installed warp on my laptop.
i configured everything on the web (including the subnets that should be behind the tunnel, the access PIN code, Rules etc…)
but when i open the warp client and try to connect to mt team it dosn’t connect even when the connect button says connectd.

what should be the issue?

here is more details:
I follow the guide:

i go to the settings → account → login to cloudflare zero trust → enter the team name
than it redirect me to a web page that i need to put my email address (the account owner email)
and it sais that it send me t code tot the mail → and i never get it, even not in the spam or deleted items.
it seems that the cloudflarre not sending the code.
i tried to use several email addresses but got nothing.
i attached the screen shot of waht i got

is there any solution for this?