Using video steaming without changing nameservers

Hi all, first post here.

I’m currently using Envira Gallery (Wordpress) to offer videos from my B2 Cloud storage. I have people complaining about slow load speeds, buffering and freezing. So I’m interested in the CDN video streaming via cloudflare, BUT … I want to do it without changing my nameservers or installing cloudflare on my wordpress site.

I just need a url to input in my Envira Gallery, nothing more. Let’s even say “a url I can share with people”, so they can have direct access to my video. So not even a site needed.

Is that possible? Or is that a noob question? :slight_smile:

I do believe it is possible to do. Simply buy Stream. If it requires a domain buy a random one and add that.

Thanks! If you’re not sure, I would like to get confirmation on that, but it does indeed sound plausible. If that’s the case, it would be a solution to me. :slight_smile:

You can try… I can’t because I have it active and I have domains.

Update. I purchased a new domain and activated that with cloudflare. Then I purchased the video streaming option and I uploaded a video, using the B2 cloud storage link. It did convert the video and the direct wach link from cloudlfare does work when I open it in a browser window.

Unfortunately, Envira Gallery does not accept the link to add the video to a gallery. :frowning:

That is an issue with Envira though, Cloudflare’s solution it’s a simple video feed which should be used standalone. Interfacing it with third parties it’s not in the scope here…

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