Using Turnstile without changing nameservers, possible?

I want to use turnstile. But I don’t want to use other services or change my nameservers. But to use turnstile I have to register a domain/website in Cloudflare. I did register but didn’t go all the way trough the process (it says ‘pending nameserver change’) but I am not going to change the nameservers. Will this be a problem later on, for instance, that the domain/website is deleted after a period of time? I just want to use turnstile…

Are there other ways to use turnstile without handing nameservers over to Cloudflare? I am using a free account

Turnstile can be used without changing your domain nameservers, or even proxying traffic through Cloudlare.

Cloudflare Turnstile · Cloudflare Turnstile docs.

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Thanks for the answer! In the docs it says this:

New sites

  • Go to Turnstile.
  • Select Add a site and fill out the site name and your website’s hostname or select from your existing websites on Cloudflare.

But, when trying to add a domain name for the site, it only has a dropdown, and that show only sites that I have registered via another part of the site, wher I am asked toc hange the nameserver.

In the ‘add site’ in turnstile, it’s not possible to add a domain name that is not already registered on cloudflare.

I am talking about this page:

Can you confirm that it’s not possible to add a domain/site there?? Thank you in advance

It is possible to add a domain you don’t have on your Cloudflare Account to Turnstile.

After a few seconds (of checking if the domain is added), you should see a (Add custom domain) button.

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