Using Tunnels for local Ethereum node

Hi. In a decentralized blockchain protocol such as Ethereum’s, the overall security of the blockchain is helped by people running nodes on their local hardware instead of in major data centers which are centralized.

But nodes need to be able to receive incoming traffic. In order to have a very secure and stable situation, I’m interested in using Tunnels to route incoming traffic to my local hardware rather than open ports to the outside world directly on my computers and router.

It seems to me that this would be a great use case for Tunnels. BUT incoming UDP traffic needs to be handled by Ethereum nodes along with TCP. I found an announcement for a UDP test whitelist for Tunnels back in Dec '21. I’m wondering if UDP handling is built into the main product now.

Also, I see something about UDP only working with private networks. At this point, I’m not familiar with what that term means in the Cloudflare system; I’m a newbie, at the early stage of simply trying to evaluate whether Tunnels is a possible solution for my use case.

Could someone please tell me whether, at this point in time, the Tunnels product would allow me to put a node on my local machine and make it available for both incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP traffic, at specified ports, on the internet? (And whether there are any other reasons why this might not be an appropriate use of Tunnels?)

I appreciate any help!

I don’t think Tunnels are going to work for this. With Tunnels as UDP/TCP, both computers need to have cloudflared installed (one for access and one for the server). This means that anyone who wants to connect to your Tunnel needs to have cloudflared setup.

OK, thanks for that info, I appreciate it!

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