Using tracking code with Cloudflare

Hello Community,
I’m having some trouble using a tracking software with my Cloudflare.
If I use a subdomain , under DNS tab managment should I use subdomain in CNAME , and under CONTENT have my tracking software url?
And, then do I need to set up a new page rule for this subdomain?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Do you have a link with instructions for that tracking software? Generally, DNS records just contain hostnames and IP addresses. Longer data fields usually go into a TXT record in DNS.

Yes, I have instructions, but am still having some problems. I purchased my domain name through hostgator, and am using clickfunnels actionetics for my auto responder. So, since I’m using Actionetics, I need to use Cloudflare to point my domain to Clickfunnels, and am using Sendgrid for email delivery. I am using a tracking software, build redirects with a sub domain. I’m thinking that since I’m using a sub domain for the tracking software, I would need to add CNAME record in Cloudflare pointing to the tracking software. I’d appreciate your opinion. Thanks

You can certainly create a CNAME, but it would point to a domain or subdomain. Not a full URL. And it might have to be set to :grey: instead of :orange:
If you post the link to the instructions, we can be more sure of our responses.

Hello sdayman, The instructions given to me are in a video. I’ll write down the instructions and put them in my next reply.
Thanks for your help!

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Hello sdayman,
Here are the steps I took, and instructions I was given for the tracking software, which is buildredirects:
[I have a domain name purchased through hostgtor, which is (]
In buildredirects, (the tracking software) I set up my domain as
I went back to hostgator go to DNS zone editor: add a new CNAME (in my case it would be ‘click’,which is the subdomain for my root domain, So it would be
Then I went into Cloudflare,
I added a record, (type) CNAME (name) (content) (proxy status) DNS only
I added another record,(type) CNAME (name) www (content) (proxy status) proxied with orange cloud
I added a page rule in Cloudflare:*
301-Permanent Redirect$1

Then, I went into hostgator and changed the name servers to the ones that I was given by Cloudflare.
Then I went into Clickfunnels and addd my domain name,


However, when I test the tracking link inside of buildredirects I’m sent to a page that says, " This site can’t be reached". But it should send me to the optin page of my funnel.

I hope this doesn’t sound too confusing.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!

Hostgator DNS should have nothing to do with your live site, as your DNS is handled by Cloudflare.

Your ‘click’ subdomain doesn’t show up publicly, so I suspect it’s not in Cloudflare DNS. You’ll need to add that CNAME here for it to work.

Your clickfunnels look good, as your domain and the www subdomain send you to the main page.

Thanks for your help!

When I add CNAME click should I put in in the content section?
Should I add a page rule for click:
Page Rule*
301-Permanent Redirect$1
Thanks for your help

That CNAME looks right, but I don’t see why you’d want or need that Page Rule. It would interfere with the CNAME functionality.



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Hello sdayman,

Just want to say thanks again.

I followed your suggestions and it seems like my tracking link is now working!!

I spent 5 days trying to get this to work.

Thanks again!!


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