Using the services for online gambling according to terms of use

I plan to use Cloudflare service for an online gambling/casino site, but I don’t want to violate Cloudflare’s terms of use. After scanning the document, I found nothing regarding online gambling/Casinos. So, if anyone here knows the answer or has the same use of the services, please share. Thank you.

Hello semuareg,
I had the same issue when I wanted to use Cloudflare for my online gambling/casino site. After going through their terms of use, I couldn’t find any specific mention of online gambling. To resolve this, I reached out to Cloudflare’s support team directly and asked them about their stance on online gambling.
They confirmed that as long as my site complied with the relevant laws and regulations, it was acceptable to use their services for online gambling.
So, I proceeded with confidence, knowing that I was within their terms of use.

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