Using the same single domain for serving static content for multiple sites

Hello! Our client operates in ~20 countries/markets with a separate top-level domain for each market. Each of these sites serves the same set of static images but from each respective top level domain, for example,,

Cloudflare is currently serving all images from each domain but we are considering if we would benefit from having one separate domain ( which serves all images from all top level domains so the image from above would be served from for all sites.

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend you switch to a single site for images. It is a common thing to do and means you only have to update them in one place.


Sorry for not being clear about our setup - the global images are only administered in one place so the question rather lies in understanding if it would be a performance improvement to serve them from one single domain to the end-user.

If you are using Cloudflare for all domains, then I doubt you would see much is any of an improvement.

Depending on your setup, it might be easier to manage cache because you could have configured to have a long TTL for that domain.

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