Using the free service with a cloudflare partner dns but the domain is alread attach to someone elses account

I have taken over hosting of a website that is currently under DDOS attacks so I immediately thought of cloudflare to help mitigate the issue. My current ISP has a great feature that allowed me to add my domains automatically to cloudflare; however one of my domains came up with the error saying that the site is already on Cloudflare and must be deactivated on the previous account before adding to the new account. The current webdesigner and previous hosting comany have no knowledge of the site ever being attached to a Cloudflare account sothis may have happened a long time ago. I cant find any information about how we can get the domain deactivated from the old account or even find out who’s account it is to email them. Is this something that others have come accross and is there a method to follow to resolve this?

I have raised this as a ticket but unfortunately I have only recieved bot responses so far (ticket 2009405)

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