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i have enabled “Always Online” and " Development Mode" as disabled but if my server goes down, the website is not visible. Seem this feature is not working at all.

Also the cache seems not working because for every request on the website, i see requests coming from cloudflare servers to my server

Hi @evald80,

Take a look at this support article:

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In order to trigger Always Online @evald80, your web server will need to return a standard HTTP error code. There is more detail in the doc @dmz shared.

The Always Online cache is built from Cloudflare’s Always Online crawler. If you are not seeing Always Online working, you may want to check for this user agent in your origin server access logs:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Cloudflare-AlwaysOnline/1.0; + AppleWebKit/534.34

If that user agent is not present, check if the Always Online crawler is getting blocked at your origin.

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