Using the CDN on the website/domain I don't own


I’m selling products on multiple shopping websites (like Amazon but local), I want to use a CDN for the images and I thought Cloudflare would be a good choice, problem is, you need to set up a domain to do everything but I don’t own those domains or websites. Is there a way to do it? Basically I want to use Cloudflare CDN API to upload images and use URLs of those images in shopping websites.


Sorry, you absolutely must have a domain for this. You also need hosting, as Cloudflare is not a website file host.

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This is actually a valid usage for CDN systems, I just don’t know if it’s valid for Cloudflare.

It is. But, content has to be hosted before it can be delivered by the network.

The comment from @sdayman reflects that; you need a place to host your images so that you can call that location from the various shops.

That’s not actually the way, good discussion here about how Cloudflare works versus what you may be familiar with, Differences between Cloudflare and "regular" CDNs?.

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