Using SSL with Cloudflare

OK, but I am completely lost with securing my site. I was told this plugin could help, however I cant figure it out. Just why to much to read. My site was HTTP and now I need o convert to HTTPS. all I need is an SSL certificate I can upload to my host site. At least hats what the people at Telus Web Hosting said.

You have a few options to make use of SSL.

Once you’ve activated SSL for your zone und can set SSL to:

Flexible: traffic between the user and Cloudflare will be encrypted. Traffic between Cloudflare and your server will not. It’s the easiest way since you don’t need a certificate on your server. But also the most insecure option.

Full: All traffic will be encrypted. A certificate must be installed on your server but it doesn’t need to be valid. You can use a self signed cert for example. Every host should deliver a self signed as soon as SSL is activated.

You can test it by accessing
Just set your servers ip there.

Full (strict): all traffic will be encrypted. The certificate on your server needs to be valid. (Not expired, assigned by a certificate authority and so on.

I know it can be a pain but sometimes it is inescapable. Especially when it goes to security thinhs

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