Using SRV to connect external traffic

I have opened ports on my network and used an A record to point to my IPV4 as well as an SRV record to point to the A record but when using a website to check the status of the connection it reveals my IP instead of the cloudflare IPs. I changed the target of the SRV record to my hostname and it’s the same result only with a different hostname. It lets me connect externally but I just don’t want it showing my IP, if anyone can assist it would be appreciated.

One usually uses a SRV record to connect to a service that can not be proxied by Cloudflare. In such cases, revealing your origin IP address is unavoidable.

It’s not possible to make it redirect traffic to that specific IP and port whilst hiding your origin IP? :confused:
Something that confuses me is when using check-host to check the DNS everything seems hidden

If you’re on an Enterprise plan with Spectrum, you can proxy just about any service.

That’s like wanting to give a visitor directions to your apartment without them finding out your address and apartment number.

What if you blindfolded them and walked them to the apartment :stuck_out_tongue: and it’s understandable paying can just about do anything, sadly I hoped to not pay

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Now you’re just a creepy taxi service.

Cloudflare won’t open a can of worms for free.

So at a fee cloudflare becomes that creepy taxi service. Now time to open my small brain and figure out a way around this issue

I have a question you may be able to answer. If check host can’t see my IP, why can the website that is checking for my connection?

No, for a big fee, Cloudflare becomes a high-dollar delivery service trusted by some of the largest corporations in the world.

I’m not sure which “check host” test you’re using, but it’s not uncommon for such checks to not do a second lookup to see where something actually points to.

By check host I meant

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