Using SRV for websites



So I got a website up and running, but how would I go about adding the port to my domain? So instead of, it’ll be I know you can use SRV records, but I’ve never used them with websites. How would I do this with SRV records?


I don’t think you can. There was a Internet-Draft that proposes using the SRV record in conjunction with HTTP: draft-andrews-http-srv. But the ID has expired back at 2014 and as far as I knew no browser had implemented this.

For the record:

All the bug reports above was filed 8-18 years ago since the browsers does not implement the SRV record lookup. Chromium and WebKit has declared they intention to not implement such lookup. While for Mozilla, it is at a P3 priority.

But you can try the SRV record yourself. The service name should be


Oh… How am I meant to remove the port at the end, or is there no possible way I can do this


SRV record is not supported by the major browsers (I don’t know if any browser supports it at all) and I don’t believe it ever will be supported.

Can’t you use port 80 / 443 directly? Or haproxy or nginx as a proxy in front of your 3030 server?