Using Servershield By Cloudflare for Plesk question


Hi every one here,

I am newbie here and i try to understand the right way to drive my websites with Cloudflare in the context that is mine.

I need informations to better understand the field of possibility.

I manage my websites with a Plesk interface, until today I do not manage DNS of these websites via Plesk. I preferred to keep this control into my Registrar interface for comfort reasons.

Today i want to use CloudFlare CDN to increase my Pagespeed loading. So i installed Servershield By CloudFlare into my Plesk.

According to my discussions with the Plesk support team, as i don’t manage DNS into Plesk, it seem’s that CloudFlare doesn’t work at this moment. I already need confirmation on this point.
In any case, what is certain is that CloudFlare is not active for subdomains, as it’s displayed in Servershield By CloudFlare panel,.

So i tried an another way to make CloudFlare work. I directly recorded in my registrar interface the DNS Cloudflare Nameservers to one of my domaine website. Then by reading here and there recommended essential steps that I realized that it was still a different way of managing Cloudflare than with Servershield By Cloud Flare into Plesk. Tell me if I’m wrong.

I would like to avoid having to do all the recommended manipulations in the essential steps (IP list, Review your Performance settings …) and I was thinking that certainly with ServerShield by CloudFlare in Plesk all this tasks will be automatically done because it would be expected by this Plesk extension. Isn’t it ?

So finaly, may be it’s worth it that I assign the DNS management of my websites to Plesk to enjoy a certain comfort by using Servershield By CloudFlare, knowing that I will have about fifteen sites to integrate into Cloudflare… :-/

I hope I have been clear in my explanation, I hope someone can help me and correct me if my deductions are bad.


Sorry I cannot help you.
But I have been sitting here for ages trying to work out how to post a question.
How did you post a new topic.
Many thanks.


I would skip doing it through Plesk, but would follow these directions:

It’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Tell Cloudflare to add your domain
  2. Make sure it got all the DNS entries
  3. Switch your name servers to what Cloudflare tells you to.

After that, you just make adjustments to the Cloudflare settings to optimize your site’s performance.


I’m new to CloudFlare and am also using Plesk. I’m just wanting if I follow the instructions in the link you posts if this will just change my website over to Cloudflare? The reason I ask is when I gave these instructions to my external IT department they said it would change our website and emails which would mean they wouldn’t look after any email issues. Sorry to ask a question within someone else’s post but I couldn’t work out how to post a question. Thanks in advance.


Thank you for you help.
I know that is quite simple to set Cloudflare but i wanted to get some new informations about Servershield by Cloudflare.

Is somebody could help on my precise asks?


Hi every one,

I’m still looking for informations about differences between Servershield By CloudFlare extension in Plesk and using Cloudflare directly with my account.

I need to use CloudFlare as a CDN to increase my website page loading speed.
I manage fifteen websites and my prior is to facilitate the process as much as possible.
I have to decide if i use CloudFlare CDN from Plesk extension or directly from my CloudFlare account.

1- I understand that if i use ServerShield by CloudFlare Extension in Plesk, i have to transfer DNS Control first in Plesk, so configure CloudFlare servers name and that’s all and the service is set up without further adjustment. Isn’t it ?

2- If i decide to activate domain with a Cloudflare account, i have to manage DNS with my registrar UI, configure CloudFlare servers name and do all followings essential and optional steps notice on this page:

I need you to help me make a decision and what will decide me is especially the easy side to make it work.

Can you already just tell me how implement essential steps:

Step 1: Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses
Step 2: Review your Performance settings
Step 3: Review your Security settings
Step 4: Choose an SSL mode

  1. I don’t do this, as it’s not a problem where I host, nor has it been at other places I host.
    2&3) The default settings are fine, but you can make adjustments as you get familiar with the system.
  2. SSL mode depends on if you already have SSL enabled on your server:

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