Using same IP for all users

Hi, we have a case that we have to allocate the same IP for all users.
It is ok if this IP changes. As long as every user has the same IP, we are fine.

I configured Egress Policies that will surely match all users. Still, we don’t have the same IP.
What can I do more? Did I configure Egress Policies wrong or this is not a feature for individuals?

Dedicated Egress IPs are an add-on to an Enterprise plan only…

There’s probably a good reason why you can configure the rules on other plans, apart from actually select anything other than the general WARP IP pool. (Probably “look what feature you could have”).


Dedicated Egress IPs are an add-on to an Enterprise plan only…

I know, but we are not going to use Dedicated IP’s. We just want the same IP, shared all across in users.
There is an option in Egress Policies, asking for default Cloudflare egress method or using dedicated Cloudflare egress IP. I chose the first one, if it is the limitation you’ve been saying. Again, we don’t want/need a dedicated IP. We want to connect into same pool.

The “default Cloudflare egress method” is, from the page I linked to… “the default source IP range shared across all Zero Trust accounts. Ensures the most performant Internet experience as user traffic egresses from the nearest Cloudflare data center.”

Dedicated Egress is the only other option, there’s no “reserved but dynamic” middle option.

Any Cloudflare feature where you need control of Cloudflare IP addressing requires an Enterprise plan as a base, then more for add-on options, due to the limited number of IPv4 addresses available.


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