Using Rocket Loader but ONLY for Developer IP

We wish to test Rocket Loader and have the developer IP be the only one using it. Currently we have a Pro account and when we enable RL, some of the javascript features don’t work.
yes, we know about ‘exclude by page’ and script data-cfasync=“false” src="/javascript.js"

This way, we can ENABLE Rocket Loader, but its active ONLY for developer IP address.

Any tips, clues?

Sorry, but Page Rules are global for that hostname.

If they’re doing dev work, why not use a staging site with a Rocket Loader page rule?

We’re only using RL on the main paid site.

their dev work is on a different machine (and domain)

But, as an alternative, (using wordpress) we will duplicate the page in question with unique URL; assign RL ONLY to that page and only the devs would see it and we can test that way

This works fine, as a result.

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