Using Railgun on Subdomain

I built a external Railgun server, as the site is on an IIS and I do not have access to the hosting besides FTP. Everything appears to be working as it should on the server, however, when I am running the test for Railgun I am getting this result from Cloudflare dashboard.

Response status 301 Moved Permanently
Railgun.test.location https://SUBDOMAIN.MAINDOMAIN.COM/

I am wondering if this is not working due to this being a subdomain which is an A record in cloudflare pointing to the server the website is on.

I am not exactly sure of railgun, but apart from it being basically end of life, it does require an agent on the host. It should work on every subdomain, though. If it sees a 301 redirect it’s probably returned from the server.

@eva2000 has used Railgun.

AFAIK dashboard railgun test is only testing apex domain. You can’t test subdomains for railgun that way from the dashboard

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