Using R2 public bucket without custom domain?

I’m new to Cloudflare and looking at using R2 to host media, etc., for a Mastodon instance. (I’m currently doing so using Amazon S3.) From the documentation, I’ve got the impression that using a public bucket for that would require either transferring my current domain to Cloudflare, or registering a new domain for this purpose.

Is that correct, or is there a way I can use an R2 public bucket with my existing domain (or, like S3, on a generic name)?

As far as I know it should support any domain you wish, would you mind just trying to type that domain the custom domain flow, as per this developer doc?

I have regardless asked for clarification.

edit I have been corrected, it requires your domain to be on CF. You can use the public domain, though.

I haven’t set this up myself yet but you don’t need to bring a domain to Cloudflare to set up a public bucket with R2 as per the overview:

If you choose option 2, then:

  1. The second exposes your bucket as an * Cloudflare managed subdomain.

You may choose to do one or both options to test out public buckets.

If you want to do anything smart in front of the bucket (like set up firewall rules or other clever stuff) you do need to add a custom domain but note @avatar1 you don’t have to transfer your domain registration to use Cloudflare with a domain - you can just choose a normal setup (called Full Setup) where we’re your DNS provider and not your domain registrar:

Oh, yeah thanks for adding this to the conversation @simon, totally missed it was only domain registration and not the DNS part the issue :sweat_smile:

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No worries - it’s a common confusion between a Registrar & DNS provider :slight_smile:

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I read transferring and I assumed :joy::sweat_smile:

It’s my understanding that using the * subdomain is rate-limited and shouldn’t be used in production, per that first link?

Apologies for being unclear regarding the domain; I meant moving the DNS zone, primarily, rather than the registration. My current DNS setup is involved enough (including some automated ongoing modifications to the zone) that while it wouldn’t be impossible to move providers, it’d really be a lot more work than I have time for right now, hence my hope that using R2 without that would be possible.

That’s correct - that leaves you with a couple of options:

  1. You could register a new domain (at cost price) with Cloudflare to put your bucket behind
  2. If you want to use your existing domain without making Cloudflare your authoritative DNS provider, you can do this on our Business plan: Partial (CNAME) setup · Cloudflare DNS docs

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