Using proxied A record without silently added AAAA record

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I am using two subdomains, ipv4. and ipv6. which as of are simple A and AAAA records only pointing to my server without using the CF proxy. This has been the way since around 2 years, as whenever creating a proxied A or AAAA record CF silently adds the respective AAAA and A record. Therefore, when proxied over CF the subdomain ipv4. which should only be reachable via an IPv4 address sometimes receives the request via the client’s IPv6 address and vice versa.

Is there a way to enable the CF proxy without getting an additional AAAA or A record on my respective A and AAAA record?

No. When you enable the Cloudflare proxy, both A and AAAA records are published.


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alright, still many thanks for your very quick response :+1:

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