Using Polish and Mirage with WPRocket and Imagify

Hi Guys

We have achieved pretty good figures on Google PSI of 99/100 now (Not checked GT). Would like 100/100 LOL to satiate the OCD in me!

Anyway Im wondering if I should even bother to enable Polish and Mirage in Cloudflare as Im using WPRocket and imagify and WebP are served from there?

Thoughts please?

Should I add on Argo and enable it?

Wont elt me add my domain here?


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Actually depends if you are on pro plan I would recommend going with polish instead of imgify, and enabling APO with wo rocket. But in free plan stick with imgify


Im on the CF pro plan myself. Do I just disable “Serve images in webp format” In Imagify then and let Cloudflare Polish do it?

Also if I enble CF APO do I have to turn off certain caching features etc in WP Rocket? Or do they work side by side seamlessly?

That’s more better.

You need to use cloudflare official plugin and turn off the buildin cloudflare wp Rocket add-on as it isn’t compatible

The funny thing here is that I have:

Turned off Serve images in WebP inside Imagify
Turned off the WP Rocket Cloudflare plugin

Tuned on Cloudflare APO and applied all its recomendations.
Turned on Polish and Mirage

And my mobile score has dropped from 99 to 97 ROFL… Desktop is still 100.

How annoying is that LOL…

I think you got it wrong, you can basically use wp rocket :rocket: but make sure you disable the integration of cloudflare in wp rocket plugin itself, and use the cloudflare official plugin

Make sure to turn off!!

I am using WP rocket. All I did was turn off the Cloudflare integration

I get 97% in GTMetrix and 100% for structure but yeah as i said in Google PSI I was getting 99/100 and now its 97/100 which is a bit annoying as I was hoping for 100/100 :slight_smile:

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