Using page rules without an A record

We do not have an A record on our account and we are trying to use page rules. I DID try to use the A record to point to, but that did not activate the page rules. I am trying to forward the non-www to the www
i.e. I want to forward to

Does anyone know what the IP address should be for this to work? should work. Is it set to :orange: and is the page rule definitely turned on? Is it for www of that is what you want to redirect?

If you just want all visitors to see the HTTPS version of your site though, you can just enable the always use HTTPS setting in the SSL/TLS app.

Thank you for your response! Yes, it is definitely set to :orange: cloud and yes the page rule is definitely turned on (have checked at least 100 times). I just checked right now and it WORKS so maybe I jumped the gun on posting this query. However, I greatly appreciate your response!

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