Using page rules to perform redirects

This support article explains the different variables you can use within your forwarding page rules:

Why doesn’t my redirect page rule work?

From the support article:

Remember that any Page Rule subdomains must be resolving to Cloudflare in order to work. Subdomains that don’t exist in DNS or aren’t being directed to Cloudflare won’t have Page Rules applied, so you’ll need an “Orange Clouded” DNS record for the subdomain for the Page Rule to work.


You will need a record in the DNS app of your Cloudflare dashboard for the host you are trying to redirect from, set to :orange:

For example:
If I wanted to redirect all users from with a page rule then I would need to add a DNS record for and set it to :orange:. I would recommend creating an A record for the host, pointing to
i.e. this record:

replacing redirect with the subdomain you wish to redirect from.

What is

The basic answer: is an illustrative IP address often used for router setups on local networks etc. I doesn’t ‘go’ anywhere!

The official answer: is in the block. is assigned as
“TEST-NET-1” for use in documentation and example code. It is often used in conjuction with domain names or in vendor and protocol documentation. Addresses within this block do not legitimately appear on the public Internet and can be used without any coordination with IANA or an Internet registry.

There is also a community tip on page rule best practices:

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