Using Own SSL

Hi, On my web site I already use SSL and now I want to protect website with Cloudflare. But How can I fix ssl isue? How can I configure my own ssl with Cloudflare?

To use your own certificate you need to be at least on the business plan.

Which issues do you have?

free plan, but I setted SSL FULL in CRYPTO section. Now the connection is with ssl, is it normal?

Cloudflare exposes their own SSL cert to users (they are the physical SSL termination), when you set SSL to Full (or Flexible, Full (Strict), etc.) you are forcing (or not) SSL from Cloudflare ↔ Origin, if you have your own valid SSL cert on the server (there are always the Origin ones that Cloudflare provides for free and are trusted only by them) you can set it to Full (Strict) where the actual cert is validated.

Yes. You could even use a self-signed certificate if SSL is “only” set to Full. Cloudflare is using their own (multi domain) certs without verifying if the certificate is valid or not. The traffic between CF and you server will definitely be encrypted.

If you look at the cert in your browser you will recognize that the cert had been issued for Cloudflare.

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