Using own ssl certificate by only use cloudflare DNS server feature


Can i use own ssl cerificate, only by using cloudflare’s DNS server/not CDN, with subscription type free website, or I have to keep using NS other than Cloudflare


I don’t remember where I read it… but yes you can use Cloudflare for just DNS hosting. Just make sure the cloud icon is set to :grey: to prevent traffic from being proxied.


yes i know, i want use own SSL certificate without pro/business plan


If you want to use Cloudflare DNS only, you can use whatever cert you want. If you want to use their CDN you need to pay to provide your own cert.


I have purchased SSL from digicert, can I still use cloudflare NS, and use my own SSL certificate, or release the NS cloudflare for use own SSL Certificate


This is one of the domains I use to test cloudflare stuff:
You can see the cert that is being used is from let’s encrypt (for now anyway). I’m not paying a dime to cloudflare for this domain.
Cloudflare uses comodo, digicert, and globalsign so the let’s encrypt cert is like a custom cert. As long as you set the config in cloudflare to :grey: and don’t use their CDN your cert will work fine.


whether uses Cloudflare NS?



$ dig ns +short


ok, i will try, i will give you the news if it works, thank you


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