Using Outlook 2016 Office 365 but not receiving any google calendar invites from partners/clients

We are not able to receive any Google Calendar invites in Outlook 2016 (Office 365). The invites do not hit our server at all, it seems they are being rejected without notifying the sender. Thus, they have a calendar event on the books, but we never see it.

There have been several articles about this at both google and Microsoft but I cannot find a solution. Most point to needing a special DNS entry to fix it, but I do not know what it is exactly. Can anyone assist?

Can you get any email to that address?

Does your domain have any connection to Google products? Like is the domain registered there, or was it ever hosted there? Or your email?

Has this ever worked before?

We can get all of our email EXCEPT google calendar invites.

We have not linked anything to google and we have always hosted with GoDaddy.

It was working yes.


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