Using non-standard SSL port number?

I try connect to https with port 444 but it doesn’t work through cludflare (DNS-proxy). I’ve temporarily disabled my other processes that use 443 and made this website listen to it, to test, and then it works fine through cloudflare. — Does not work — (aka port 443) Works fine — (aka circumventing cloudflare) Works fine

Is there some way to make :444 work? So I can both use the page and the other process (the other process’ port can’t be changed).

Yes, if the hostname (DNS record) is :grey: cloud, meaning it’s not proxied via Cloudflare.

Otherway is to localy route your 444 port to an some other external port compatible with Cloudflare like 8443 or some other, and it should work.

Or just use a port like 8443, 2083 or other one for your application which is compatible with Cloudflare and you are good to go having the :orange: cloud (proxied via Cloudflare) for it :wink:

The other way around is to use some kind of load balancer in case you cannot change port, or have multiple ones for a local network, while having the single port which is compatible with Cloudflare, a tool/software like Kemp or some other tools would help.

Example of a Kemp setup for home and a custom domain running behind Cloudflare, all on the same port 443, see here:

The compatible ports with Cloudflare are listed on below article:

Else, I assume you would need some higher Cloudflare plan for that.


You probably could use Argo tunnel or spectrum for it.

Miroslaw Pabian

Tried changing to 2053 and it worked like a charm.

Load balancer looked fantastic, I’ll take a deeper look at that for sure when time opens up.

Big thanks!

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I am happy to assist you :wink:

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